Divorce; In The Best Interest Of… oh, right, the children

What is in the best interest of your children? Two things have happened which has seen the Leave it To Beaver family picture change in the as a result of the divorce process. First, is the 1979 movie “Kramer vs Kramer” and the second, the Father’s Rights movement. Gone are the days when the general […]

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Divorce: Everything but the kitchen sink…self inventory

The Practice wife sits across from the ex, separated by 12 feet of highly polished maple, flanked on one side by counsel. The room is silent save for some papery rustling noises and the scratch of a pen. The room designed beautifully and intentionally. Contemporary art, statuesque corner pillars, textured gobs of paint clinging to […]

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Divorce: Psst..PTSD yeah it’s a thing

When one thinks of PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, instantly the vision is that of a soldier in combat, a plane engulfed in flames careening to the earth or a natural disaster of such biblical proportions reshaping the earths landscape. Without a doubt it is easily justifiable that these experiences would result in tremendous psychological […]

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Divorce: Taking Stock in health portfolio…

If 35 people were asked “What is a common complaint during the divorce process?”, you would see a sea of hands with the same answer, STRESS. The Practice Wife is proactive, she has likely organized her day to include simple strategies to help reduce the stress in her everyday life. However when divorce litigation begins […]

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Divorce: Divorce: Step Away from the keyboard…

You see it from across the room….blink (pause) blink (pause) blink…your laptop, your cell, your PC all let you know when you have a new message queued and waiting for you. Wooosh, you feel sudden trepidation…you see blink BLInk BLINK BLINKITY BLINK BLINK!!!! Your device is shouting at you to open it. You know it’s […]

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Divorce: Getting Screwed but only when you want to…

There are countless ways to get screwed during the divorce process. The worst is getting screwed by your own lawyer whom you are paying. It is tantamount to hiring a really good hooker, however 2 weeks later your doctor is writing up a script for the STD that now burns as a reminder of your […]

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Divorce: Understanding the Process

Until you are at the start, middle or end of your divorce there is little in one’s everyday day to day happenings that relates to the process of getting a divorce. One would think that if 2 people have decided to end their union it would be simple, share the kids (50-50), divide the assets […]

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