Divorce: Taking Stock in health portfolio…

If 35 people were asked “What is a common complaint during the divorce process?”, you would see a sea of hands with the same answer, STRESS. The Practice Wife is proactive, she has likely organized her day to include simple strategies to help reduce the stress in her everyday life. However when divorce litigation begins it throws so many things out of sinc and the impact can have various negative results. In future blogs we will talk about the financial monetary health of the Practice Wife, but often overlooked is a strategy that can remind her that a balanced and healthy lifestyle is just, if not more important, crucial to help combat the rigours of litigation.

If we received monthly statements of our health transactions, we might all take our health wealth as seriously as we do our financial wealth. We’d see the caramel-glazed doughnut with sprinkles clearly displayed on the debit side of our health account, while the wild Pacific salmon would be a definite deposit.

We could check out our exercise, environmental, mental health and other lifestyle choices for the month and get the honest tally of our health choices. Being informed of your health and lifestyle choices can create a vibrant health portfolio covering all aspects of your life.

A smart up-to-date investment portfolio covers all the bases; proactive lifestyle choices for optimum balance with healthy stock chosen from the best medicine, science and modalities outside of the mainstream have to offer for support and treatment is a must. Creating a diversified health portfolio is about creating productivity, stability and reliability that stands up. We all worry about creating enough money for our retirement, but our true currency is our health.

Often we set our sights on the New Year’s “new and improved me” resolve to carry out our latest list of well–intentioned goals which often begins to fizzle some time after mid-January. Falling short of these ambitious resolutions – impeccable health habits, stoic dietary restrictions and boot camp exercise routines – makes us feel discouraged and can set us up for failure. That is stressful, too many people try to do too many things at once or they try to do something all at once, for example losing 50 pounds, as opposed to setting realistic goals. The stress reduction key is to take one small and consistent lifestyle resolution, make it a habit and see its powerful results. These can include walking, yoga, mindfulness, clean food, visualization, stretching and more hard core modalities like kickboxing, weight training and running.

The importance of any routine is the consistency, carving out 20 minutes a day, even if its just 20 minutes for relaxation is so very important to keep the Practice Wife grounded, strong, focused and healthy. The added bonus; the Practice Wife contributes to her sense of worth and confidence- two casualties often experienced while going to work in the divorce factory.

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Tomorrow’s blog, “Pssssst PTSD, yeah it’s a thing…”

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